beauty in kindness

it was just last night Trev and I heard such sad, disturbing stories during a commercial break on tv. events that happened in our own southern CA. Trev commented on how much brokenness and evil is in our world and then he began to pray over the situations we had just learned of.

it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the evil that takes place in the world. or even by our own brokenness, struggles, and trials.

but, today, my friends, I would like to share the beauty I experienced in an act of kindness just this morning. kindness found in a simple, yet beautiful bouquet of God’s own beauties hand-delivered to my door.IMAG0055_1_1I had seen her walk up to the door with something in hand, but didn’t know who she was.  she approached the door and called out with a “helloooo?? this is the landlord…” through the mail slot (while peeking in, too, I might add…haha). we mainly communicate with her son and daughter-in-law who oversee the property and though Trevin had met her once before, this would be my first time.

as I opened the door, she held out a bouquet of flowers.

“Hello. I brought you these. I’ve been thinking a lot about you. you see, two of my friends also have MS. I know from them how hard this can be for you.”

she must have heard about what was going on with me from her kids, since they knew. I thanked her for the flowers and asked some questions about her friends. she shared some then asked my age and a little more about my case.

after we talked for a few minutes she said, “I can’t drive by your house without praying for you. so I thought I’d stop by today with these.” then before she turned around to leave she also wanted me to know that she keeps her phone by her bed and if I ever needed someone to talk to, I was welcome to call.
well melt. my. heart.

and that was basically it. 5 minutes, tops. a bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt conversation. a simply sweet gesture, but enough warmth to bless my whole day.

so in what can be an overwhelming news feed of evil around us, I thought I would squeeze in a reminder of the beauty that is also present in our world. beauty that I experienced today in the kindness of a near-stranger. beauty that we, too have the power to share.

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