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Ignoring Injustice in the hopes these issues will just "go away" does nothing more than perpetuate what is already a problem. Emelda Coteau joins us on the blog from Live in Color to share her thoughts, and they are powerful and needed.

Ignoring Injustice Doesn’t Make it Go Away

  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke My friend and fellow blogger, Emelda and I connected this year through the colorful squares of Instagram – and I’m ever so glad we did. Her perspective as an Afro-Latina woman living in the U.S. has …

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Want a chance to win one of 11 health prize packs for the chronically ill? Enter from now through December 3, 2016!

HUGE Holiday Giveaway!

  Today I have something I have been DYING to share with you guys since September. The blogging network I belong to, Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, has organized a HUGE holiday giveaway! And guys, I’m not kidding when I say it’s FULL of fabulous prizes. From gift cards to coaching sessions, pain management products and health/vitamin …

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Are you facing a tough time? This resource was created with you in mind. To encourage and equip you with 3 essential tools to help you through. Download your free copy at livinggraceblog.com!

3 Gifts to Embrace In Tough Times

  If there’s anything that’s a given in life, it’s that struggle is guaranteed. In some capacity, we know that we we’ll face hardship, pain, and loss. That things won’t always be easy, happy or sunny. We’ll likely experience what it’s like to feel lonely in a crowded room. Or frustrated with a lack of understanding. …

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How to Survive the Holidays When You're Chronically Ill | Three Bloggers Share Their Insight

How to Survive the Holidays with Chronic Illness

  One of the hardest aspects of surviving the holidays when you’re chronically ill can be the simple task of FIGURING OUT HOW TO DO IT. How does one care for their sick self while still enjoying and engaging in the holiday season? How do we manage expectations, both our own and those of family/friends? …

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Join us for our next installment of the Behind the Maker series as we interview owner of Nature Bound, Kirstin Larkin!

Nature Bound: Handmade Decor by Kirstin Larkin

Kirstin Larkin is joining us today on the blog to share more about her GORGEOUS shop. She and I first connected through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network and this girl is the real deal. Her light, authenticity and spirit have inspired me since the first post of hers I read. And I’ve been looking forward to …

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Understanding the Complexities of Lyme Disease: A guest series by Genevieve Goetz

Understanding Lyme Disease (Part One)

Today I’ve invited my friend and fellow Lyme warrior, Genevieve, onto the blog to facilitate a series on understanding Lyme disease. The complexities of this illness often leave many friends, family, medical practitioners confused or in disbelief about the realities Lyme patients live with. So our goal with this series is to unpack the facts of …

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