Finding healing in times of illness, grief and loneliness

A FREE eBook: Embracing the Raw

Today I have something I’m beyond excited to share with you guys…my very first eBook!

Embracing the Raw - Free eBook from Living Grace

These pages have been crafted to share some of my honest moments of finding healing in times of struggle.

I think we can easily feel this sense that until we’ve “made it to the other side” of whatever it is we’re struggling with, that we are somehow not enough.

For me, I’ve sensed this outer and internal expectation that until I get my stuff together (hope more, be positive more, be more of whatever others think I need to be) that maybe my story isn’t worth sharing.

Is there a right way to healing? A more admirable way to grieve? And what about dealing with loss, pain, frustration, dashed dreams…are there standards for that, too?

This tango with the spoken and unspoken standards for my timeline of healing, grief or my measure of hope have often left me tired. Discouraged. Feeling less than and at times even angry.

But I began realizing something that has shifted the way I view wrestling with the harder things in life. It’s transforming my understanding of grief, healing, hope and purpose and it’s beautifully giving me freedom.

Which has brought me to the creation of this eBook for you, my friends. Embracing the Raw: Pilgrimage of a Healing Heart.

Embracing the Raw: A book on finding healing in the midst of loss, grief and pain | Free eBook by Kami Lingren, Living Grace Blog

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This book is about accepting the raw in our path toward healing. It’s about wrestling with the real and valid emotions that come with facing trauma and pain, while being gentle with ourselves in the process.

Inside these pages you will find honest words from my heart to yours, beginning with the story of how the disease I’m fighting nearly took my life just under a year ago. And how I’m reaching for light and hope in the aftermath.

Embracing the Raw is my gift to you! I hope you find a dose of comfort, understanding, an ounce of healing – something you need on your own difficult path to help you just that much more.

To download your copy, simply follow this link! (And if you’re already on my mailing list, check your email! You received a copy earlier this week!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts as you read it – find me on Facebook or email me at so we can connect!

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