3 spoonie bloggers share their ideas for how to buy a thoughtful gift for your chronically Ill friend or loved one.

Gifts for the Chronically Ill: How to Brighten Their Day

Have you been on the sidelines wondering what in the world to give your chronically ill friend or loved one? It can be difficult to know what they need, let alone what they would enjoy as someone who lives with sickness. Perhaps they spend their days at home and that fact alone is throwing you for a loop:

What do I buy for someone who can rarely leave home?

Today I’ve invited three lovely blogger friends of mine who are well versed in this whole “living with illness” thing and they’ve got you covered! These ladies have been on the receiving end of great gifts, know what’s helpful and what can brighten the day of someone living with illness.

So without further ado, here are their fabulous ideas. They’re sure to inspire you as you shop!

These 16 gift ideas are inspired by 3 chronically ill bloggers. They have you covered for gifts for the chronically ill!

Genevieve’s List

Whether it be humorous or endearing, a card is a classic for a reason. They can be kept for years and fondly looked back on.
– Genevieve Goetz

  • Flowers – Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers? First check for any scent sensitivities.
  • Card – Whether it be humorous or endearing, it’s a classic for a reason. They can be kept for years and fondly looked back on.
  • Gift Certificates – for Alternative Healing sessions like Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese medicine or a private Yoga class. Check first to see what modality would be best.
  • Online Grocery Shopping – Whether it’s a meal service or a site where items can be pre-selected, free food arriving at the front door is a blessing!
  • Cozy Clothes – Robes, blankets, socks, slippers, the works! It’s a reminder that it is okay to relax and rest, we are supported and secure.
  • Resources – Find community organizations, meetings, health care professionals, federal and local representatives, patient advocates, anything in that person’s area which could be a real game changer.
  • Visit – It is a dark and lonely road being this ill. Having quality time together is priceless, strengthens bonds immensely, and spreads unconditional love and support.
  • Inside Joke Gift – It should be silly and up to your imagination! Being able to see, wear, touch a piece of a great moment makes every day more fun.
  • Advocate – By paying attention to the specific illness, you can go to charity events, give donations, and spread awareness about the disease and its impact on human life.

Genevieve Goetz
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From Karley:

I’ve suffered from chronic illnesses over the last four years and in that time I’ve learned so many things that have helped me get through the tough times. I’ve had some great gifts from people over the years that have also helped me see the light in what sometimes seems to be a dark world.

Reading is a great distraction, not to mention really fun if you pick the right book for your friend.
– Karley Kay Linger

The first gift I think would make a great gift is a heating pad. It has helped me to manage pain, loosen my sore muscles, and just feels nice!

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The second is books, whether digital or not. Reading is a great distraction, not to mention really fun if you pick the right book for your friend.

And the last thing that I think would make a great gift would be a certificate for a massage or spa. We spend so much time feeling sick and dealing with our illnesses that we rarely have time to pamper ourselves, relax, and try to forget about it. I know I would want to go! To be able to finally relax and just stop thinking for a while sounds like heaven to me.

Dangerously Normal Spoonie
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From Ness:

Buying for someone with a chronic illness can make things slightly difficult. What I would recommend is something pretty, practical and comfortable. Colours, fabrics and pattern can brighten up a painful day.

A pretty new mug is something to get excited about in my world. Beautiful, colourful, curved pottery mugs with Mediterranean colours always catch my eye. If you think beyond the mug it’s also a great talking piece for super Instagram photos for the chronic ill person.

Comfort is also essential when you are unwell so a soft pillow or a pretty soft blanket, socks, or even crochet wrist warmers are great ideas.
– Ness QM

You could even wrap it in tissue in a box with a mission list: “Each week you must post on Instagram an image of you and your Mug and something that made you smile that happened that week.” Funny things like that make me smile and I’m sure I am not the only one.

Comfort is also essential when you are unwell so a soft pillow or a pretty soft blanket, socks, or even crochet wrist warmers are great ideas. I just bought an amazing baby pink lace top pair from Conscious Crafties, a shop showcasing crafts by chronically ill people.

Journaling is something I have recently started. It is so relaxing. A hamper of journal supplies would be a great gift. You could include a nice writing journal, colourful pens, and pretty stickers. You may have to explain to the person all about journaling, but there are some great bloggers that have super ideas.

Take time out, don’t just give the gift.

See if they are on Pinterest or have even heard about it. You could show them all the journaling images on there to get them started. And if your friend or loved one isn’t up to a visit you could enclose a letter telling them all about it.

You could also give a stationary set as a gift. Social media is wonderful, but not as wonderful as a handwritten letter. Make a pledge to be their pen pal. Give the stationary set and time the post so that your first letter to them arrives the next day!

The Girl With Five Lads
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Do you have something you’d add to this list? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Brittany W says:

    I agree with books and mugs! One of he worst things is when I am in a flare and run out of mugs for tea because I don’t feel like washing the dishes. And books make being stuck at home bearable.

    • Kami says:

      I’m with you on relishing in having plenty of cups/mugs to spare for the days dishes just sit on the counter…it’s such a relief! So is a lovely cup of tea 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Love this post and I’m sharing it all over! I will link to it in my next blog. The only thing for me is NO MUGS! My hubby says my collection is already too large. My favorite is my one friend will come over, have a tea and isn’t afraid to sit in my big bed and chat with me about everything. I love that she doesn’t care that I look like crap, I’m in my bed because she’s there to truly visit.

    • Kami says:

      Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing this, Kristin! Haha too many mugs is definitely possible! I love what you shared about your friend who will just sit in bed with you. It’s such a beautiful picture of meeting you where you are at. What a great friend!

    • Kami says:

      I agree they did such a good job with their gift ideas! So helpful for both spoonies and their loved ones alike. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Pippit!

  3. Becky says:

    I think some healthy snacks would be helpful. They may be hungry but not have the energy to prepare a full meal, or not be able to take tablets on an empty stomach. Could balance out with something that is a bit more indulgent as a treat to themselves. Also an evoucher for an online shop so they can buy books for an ereader or something they need that can be delivered to their house (so they don’t have to go out to the shops). But most importantly I think time and support. Offer to watch the kids or feed the pets, help them do a load of washing or cook a couple of portions of a meal so they can freeze some for a day when things are more difficult. I love knitting so a pretty pattern or some soft wool would be great for me! Or some colouring pencils and an adults colouring book 🙂

    Love all of your suggestions on the page, loads of fab ideas xxx

    • Kami says:

      Becky, these are great! Thank you so much for sharing. I can totally attest to the being so thankful when someone showed up to visit with some approved snacks I could actually enjoy. It was always such a gift. And YES to the evoucher for an online shop! Amazon boxes arrive at my home several times a week – it keeps us sane and saves my husband (our sole driver) from extra errand runs. Thanks again for adding to the list! xoxo

  4. Katrina says:

    I agree with Books, Mugs, Flowers and of course stationery! These are great gifts to get for any chronically ill person, and gifts i would be ever so grateful for!

    • Kami says:

      Hi Katrina! Same here 🙂 I just received a couple of mugs this summer and love them! And flowers always brighten my week! Thanks so much for reading. <3

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