For those struggling with depression, healing from abuse, anxiety, or living with a chronic illness - the idea of hope can sometimes feel disconnected from our reality. Matt Pappas joins me in this episode to discuss his own journey with hope. What's helped him tangibly engage and define his personal sense of hope and encouragement for listeners who may WANT to hope, but don't know where to start. Click here to give it a listen!

Thoughts on Hope: A Podcast Interview with Matt Pappas

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It’s been a few months since I launched with my first podcast episode for my channel, Grit & Grace and I loved hearing your feedback and connecting with you all. After that episode I went radio silent as it’s been a difficult few months of juggling treatment and work from home…But I’m finally back with our next episode!

Today’s Guest: Matt Pappas

I recently chatted with Matt from Surviving My Past about the reality and challenges of the word “hope”.  He is active in the online community, striving to bring encouragement to others who share his past of childhood abuse as well as those who battle anxiety, PTSD, and illness.

It can spark a variety of emotions in us when we hear or talk about the idea of hope, can’t it? Engaging hope when you feel hopeless can bring pain or discouragement. We may feel “less than” for not being able to grasp it in way others want us to or how we think it should manifest. All the while, others seem to keep the flame of hope burning inside, despite the struggle of pain, depression, or loss.

But wherever you’re sitting on this topic, you’re welcome here.

In this episode, Matt shares honestly on the ways he views hope, as well as the real challenges that both abuse survivors and the chronically ill face. It’s an insightful conversation, not a head-in-the-clouds message on hope. This is all about grassroots hope, real experiences, and encouragement for the struggling heart.

How do you engage hope? Let us know in the comments!

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Want to listen to the episode on Marriage in Chronic Illness? Click here!

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  1. Chelsea W says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this. I definitely agree my life would be so much harder had I never found a community to help me find hope regarding my chronic illness. I made friends that I’ve now known for over 5 years. One, a best friend in fact. Several send me resources that keep me in touch with the world of Lyme disease and any time I find something I want to share, they are always grateful for my actions. We have plenty of late night talks when painsomnia kicks in, and I honestly don’t know how I could live without this support system. Thanks for the podcast!

    • Kami says:

      It’s such a comforting, life changing experience to connect with others facing similar struggles. I’m so glad you have such a good support system in your friendships you’ve made! Wouldn’t trade mine for anything and I’m sure you feel the same. Thanks for listening, Chelsea! So glad you enjoyed it.

    • Kami says:

      I can so relate, Brittany. Hope can be portrayed as this methodical process that’s supposed to “work” every time. But it’s really such a personal, often complex journey I think. You’re not alone in the struggle

  2. JM Campos says:

    Hey guys THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PODCAST! I came across it on my pinterest feed. I have chronic pain from a serious car accident and I am a survivor of childhood abuse with PTSD also. I could relate to much of your discussion. Matt thanks for having the courage to share your story. I will never forget the first time I spoke with another survivor. Hearing his experience was like listening to my own thoughts in my head. For the first time in my life I felt like I wasn’t alone. Here is someone who can truly understand me and my pain! A major light bulb moment. I know you will help so many souls by sharing your story. I will be. following both your blogs now and I am sharing this podcast with others.

    • Kami says:

      Hi JM, thanks so much for listening and stopping by to leave a comment. I’m so glad you found the podcast and can connect with us. It’s always so nice knowing someone actually listened 😉 haha! Matt’s a great advocate for others with similar backgrounds and even has his own podcast so be sure to look him up! 🙂

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