in the waiting, still You are good.

we’ve all been there. that place in “the waiting.” where we’ve had plans, dreams, questions, roadblocks, heartache, [insert your “waiting” purpose here]. there’s really nothing glamorous about it.  tiring? character building? pull-your-hair-out frustrating? yes. but, glamorous? not so much.

when I think of seasons of waiting I also think of some form of silence. where some thing or question is lying in wait for resolution or response.  there is resolution on the horizon or at least hoped for, but it hasn’t come. not yet.

for nearly a year now, I have wrestled in this place of waiting. often feeling as though there was silence, but also knowing {but needing to remind myself} in the midst of this tension that my Maker is good. that even in the midst of constant pain and having my activities decided by my health day-to-day, my Father decides my future.

I’m not always able to make it to church, but in the last couple of months each time I have sat in those seats it has been such a sweet, sweet time with Jesus. in the midst of this waiting, my soul has been refreshed and cared for through worship, teaching, and people laying their hands on Trevin and I to pray for healing, strength and rest.

in a recent Sunday, we sang the lyrics below…and, well, I cried through the lyrics with an arm raised, but my heart was swelling in song with every word. it’s a reminder that it is here in the waiting, wherever that is for you, that still we can know our God is good. from this waiting, though it feel like darkness – he. will. lead. us.

Promise maker, promise keeper
You finish what You begin
Our provision through the desert
You see it through ‘til the end
You see it through ‘til the end

The Lord our God is ever faithful
Never changing through the ages
From this darkness
You will lead us
And forever we will say
You’re the Lord our God

In the silence, in the waitingStill we can know You are good
All Your plans are for Your glory
Yes, we can know You are good
Yes, we can know You are good

We won’t move without You
We won’t move without You
You’re the light of all
And all that we need

{you can listen to the Lord our God, by Kristian Stanfill HERE}

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