lessons in resting.

brook in the forest

as I sit in the quiet of this morning, my heart is full. and I desperately want to sit in the picture above with a good book, blanket and delicious hot chai. doesn’t it look so calming?

it’s not a particularly beautiful day oustide here, though. no big plans for me oustide of grocery shopping and maybe a thrift store run (which I am a total nerd and actually thoroughly enjoy both of these things). just a day open with possibilities, and a morning of quiet reflection.

i’ve been learning a lot about resting these past two months. and patience. and healing. and listening.

i have to confess that i’m not innately good at resting. i’ve always had to be busy doing something. even if it’s as silly as getting up to walk around and see if there’s something I should be doing or cleaning and fixing. yet in the past few weeks my body has slowed everything down and forced me to learn lessons in both resting and taking care of myself. and though I’ve resisted many times and have also overdone it some days that I didn’t practice good ole self-discipline, I’ve needed this time so much. my mind, spirit, body, and self have needed this season of rest.

so this past week I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on this season and have come to realize so many beautiful things God has brought out of this trying time. prayers he has answered. beginning a healing, both physical and spiritual within me. Trev and I can’t help but rejoice in the goodness of our Father. from financial provision, to a great new doctor, to transitioning me into a new season with work, to being on the [slow] road of recovery from the relapse…He. has. been. faithful. and so so good.

and all this extra time I’ve had to rest and reflect has given me space to stop and observe the beauty in this past season. yes, there were many dark days for both of us and I will not pretend they didn’t exist or that I didn’t often feel helpless, lonely, and miserably sick. but on the other end of this I’ve found deep rest and peace in seeing how God sweetly walks with his children through trials. how he builds perseverance and sustainability within us, if we’re willing.

our lives can become so busy with work, commitments, and all the really good things we are called to be a part of – but, let’s not forget to rest. it’s good for the soul and allows us space to recognize the beauty around us.

what beauty is God calling you to see today?

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    Actually it was your husband that “liked” this (I didn’t know you were logged in). And liked it. ­čśë

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