Lyme Disease Awareness

lyme awareness month

happy Saturday, wonderful people.
yesterday was World Lyme Day, kicking off Lyme Disease Awareness month.

since this disease has directly affected my life since 2010 I absolutely HAD to participate in the Lyme Disease Challenge: Take a Bite out of Lyme. as many of you know from either knowing me personally or simply following my blog, I was misdiagnose with MS early on in my journey and treated for that for years. however, last year we realized I actually had late stage Lyme disease. this disease has forever changed my life and I want to spread the word that this disease is spreading and is not adequately funded or understood within the medical community.

the Lyme Disease Challenge involves these steps:

1) take a bite!
bite a lime and take a photo or video of the act and share it with your friends!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2) share a fact
choose a fact from the Lyme Disease Challenge and share it with your pic.
IMG_20150502_0954063) pass it on
I tagged a few of my friends on Facebook, but I challenge you to consider helping bring awareness to this debilitating disease, too! I’d be honored to have your support.

after posting we are challenged to donate $10 to ILADEF (International Lyme & Associated Diseases Education Fund). for my donation, I am holding an online fundraiser through my Jamberry business throughout the month of May. I’ll be donating all of my commissions, along with Jamberry donating 10%. a total of 40% of all fundraiser sales will be donated to ILADEF! consider joining my page to learn more about the disease and how to protect yourself and your children from contracting this disease. and to consider supporting this fantastic organization with a purchase through my site!

hope you all have a lovely weekend, friends!

THINK GREEN this month! 🙂


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  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    This is such a great cause Kami! It’s hard having an illness that is not fully understood by others. I hope that a lot of money is raised for this cause! <3 Ttys Kami dear!! xo

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