Ode to Love

At the risk of this being ultra sappy, my post today is short and sweet and all about love.  Sweet love.

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An ode, if you will, to the love of my hubs and his devotion to his bride in our first year and a half of wed-age. It’s been one roller coaster of a ride for us, but one that has sharpened our characters and driven us closer to the arms of our Father and of each other.

Each day I grow more thankful for the gift of my Trevin. The abundant blessing it is to call him my best friend, my love, and my cheerleader for life
(in the most manly way, of course. No pom poms or skirts here).


So thank you, my Trevs, for your servant-like heart. You have cared for me so faithfully, both on the good days and the darkest ones we’ve seen yet.  

I continue to feel the warmth of your devotion and am inspired by the example of Christ’s love you have been for me. In the season we’ve been walking through, but also throughout our friendship, dating, engagement and marriage.

Your life is a blessing to many and it is a joy and an honor to be called your wife. there’s no one else I’d rather be on this walk on.

Thanks for always working so hard to communicate. This whole male and female brain thing often has us like…


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: )

Love you and the happiness you bring to my life!

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