“oh, for the love.” – our response to fundraising.

the last few weeks have been a mix of emotions, but mostly have been unbelievably profound for Trev and I. we launched our fundraiser for my Lyme treatment on August 7 with the initial goal set for $20,000. on August 21, just 15 days later, we surpassed that goal. or, I should say, friends, family and even people we don’t know, surpassed that goal with their incredible generosity. in FIFTEEN days. I mean, come on! I still get chills and stomach flutters over it. we shouldn’t be surprised by God’s provision, but we are undoubtedly overflowing with gratitude for the ways in which he has provided for us with what we hope will cover at least my first year of treatment. our fundraiser is active until September 7 and we are so blessed by people continuing to give and sharing our story.

it is an indescribable feeling, seeing so many near and far join us and even support us in this way. we were convinced months before my Lyme diagnosis that I had chronic Lyme and were quickly bombarded with story after story about the cost of treatment, both financial and physical. the cost was overwhelming and we deeply dreaded the heavy burden my body would be taking on in walking through treatment. we had no idea how we were going to cover the cost and one night when Trev was with his friend, James, he shared the crossroads we were at. James responded with “we’ll fund-raise. I’m sure we can raise the funds to cover the cost. I know Amanda and I will want to help and we can even make a video telling your story.” when Trev shared this with me later that night, my eyes instantly welled with tears at the tangible reminder that we weren’t alone in this.

about a month before we launched the fundraiser, James and Amanda filmed the video in our home. they both were so great at facilitating the interview and making us feel comfortable and at ease in telling our story. they then put their amazing creative talents together to edit and pare down our story and later add in Trev sharing the information we learned from the Lyme specialist regarding my personalized treatment cost. once the video was complete, we launched the fundraiser. I awoke mid-dream the night before we launched with a surge of expectancy for what was to come. I shared what I was sensing with my barely-awake-Trevs, and then tried to drift back into slumber. on our first day of fundraising, $6,950 was raised. there were multiple moments of tears that day…we were near consumed with gratitude. we never dreamed we would surpass our goal just two weeks later.

the decision to fundraise may seem like it was a natural decision from the outside, but I am here to tell you it is one of the most uncomfortable decisions we’ve ever made. it is incredibly humbling, but more than that, our culture has raised many of us under the lie that we are meant to suffer and face our trials in secret. we’re expected to put on a smile, figure it out, get our stuff together, and, whatever you do, don’t ask for help because it shows a sign of weakness. a lack of faith, even. but these couldn’t be further from the truth. what we have experienced through inviting others into this part of our journey has been an increase in our faith, both in God’s provision and in the beauty of community. it took courage on our part to share such a big need and ask others to give, but when courage is met with support and love we get such a beautiful picture of how God intended us to dwell together. we need each other and for more reasons than those we think of asking for or offering. those who haven’t been able to give financially have blessed us in the ways they’re able to: through meals, help with errands, encouragement, and time and it’s been just as much of a gift.

as we walk this journey, we do ask for your prayers for us. I began treatment several weeks ago and the process has already been a difficult one. my overall “resting” pain level has risen, and my body’s response to the treatment, which is expected to come in cycles, has begun and is noticeably taking it’s toll. and it’s only going to become more intense. it’s a necessary process to kill all the bugs and slowly move me closer to wellness, but I can’t fully convey to you what it’s like to walk through it. it’s not easy, and it’s really hard finding the right response to reminders that “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” or “yay for killing all the bugs”. right now it’s painful to experience, painful for Trev to witness, and the light is barely a glimmer at the end of this long, dark (likely two year) tunnel. we know God will carry us through, and we know this deeply. what we need most right now is hands on our shoulders, reminding us we’re not alone. we also would love prayers that we can listen to my body well enough to know when we’re pushing it too hard and need to let up, as well as prayers for the healing process and any amount of rest along this path.

thank you for being in this with us. thank you for your sacrificial giving, your kind words, your love, your empathy, your strength. we need you and are so grateful for those of you who have come around us. words simply can’t express the gratitude, folks, but please accept our sincerest thanks and {{warmest hugs}}. (hope you felt them).

– K + T

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