5 Ways to Reduce the Toxins in Your Home

5 Ways to Reduce Toxins In the Home

**This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission based on any purchase you may make. My review of the items contained in this post remains unbiased. I simply love these items enough that I have purchased and recommend each of them!**

Many of us with chronic illness become what I’ll call “toxin detectors.”

Our illness has compromised our immune system so much that many of the products and foods we may have thought we could tolerate years ago, have become triggers to us now.

I honestly never used to give a second thought about what I put on my skin, in my belly or sprayed into the air that I breathe – I was so clueless! From makeup to shampoo, detergent to daily coffee with creamer laden with processed ingredients – I didn’t worry about what I was putting into my system then.

But my health has insisted it matter to me now.

So, while I’m still learning and working to reduce the toxins around me, I thought I’d share a few of the little and big changes I’ve made along the way. Some are easier and less costly to than others, but I believe all have been helpful in my fight for wellness.

Some of these items are beauty/personal care, some are related to cleaning, but all enter the home and therefore I want them to be as clean of ingredients as possible.

Before I begin, I’d just like to say that there are a LOT of opinions on this topic. And I mean A LOT. So if you’re at the beginning stages like I was a couple years ago, I encourage you to use this list as a starting point. Do further research on your own to find a balance that’s best for you and your wallet.

On to the list…


Many of us women wear this every-single-day. I had no idea years ago how many harmful ingredients I was putting on my face. Since our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, I wanted to be cautious of what I was allowing to absorb into my bloodstream. So while I only wear makeup occasionally now, I try to use natural products whenever I do.

100 Percent Pure makes a mascara that I love that is all natural and dyed with fruit and black tea pigments! I also use their Lip & Cheek Tint in Cranberry and Grapefruit Glow. They have a full line of non-toxic makeup and skincare products that are all made from pure, organic and natural ingredients and from the ones I’ve tried – they all smell ah-mazing.

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For more budget-friendly options, I have also used this brand of foundation powder and I’ve been happy with it. There are even shops on Etsy of handmade all-natural makeup so be sure to include them in your search!

Hair Products

 This one was hard for me to let go of. I had used Dove shampoo for a few years and really loved the results I had (along with the fact is was inexpensive). But hair care products can also contain a lot of harsh chemicals.

I’ve used a few non-toxic and natural shampoos and conditioners that I have enjoyed, some not as much. My top two favorites are this Argon Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics (I’ve yet to try the conditioner) and this shampoo and conditioner by Acure Organics. Both smell divine and I love how my hair feels using them!

This 7 Thirty hairspray was developed by a stylist after she became ill and left her salon practice to create her own line of natural products to use! It has a good hold and smells great (can you tell scent is important to me yet?). I love knowing I’m supporting someone else who has fought illness.

Cleaning Products

There are so many affordable ways to get around using the cleaning agents that are dripping with chemicals that we don’t need in our systems. I’ve made my share of DIY cleaning mixtures using household staples like vinegar, baking soda, salt and scented with essential oils and believe they work just as well as the cleaners I used to use. Pinterest has a wealth of recipes if you want to make your own!

Most stores are now carrying non-toxic alternatives in their cleaning aisles. 7th Generation, Method and Mrs. Meyers are a few. I love the scents in the Method line and the versatility of their sprays. My go-tos are this bathroom throne cleaner and this all-purpose cleaner which I also use in my floor cleaner mixture (1 pint mason jar: 1/3 Method, 1/3 Vinegar, 1/3 water. Use 1/2 cup per gallon of mop water).



Non-toxic Laundry Detergent that works like a charm!

My skin became super sensitive a few years ago when my health began to rapidly decline. This detergent by Ecos has kept me from irritation and the smell of the Lemongrass is amazing (as is the Magnolia Lily scent). We recently found this same detergent at our local Costco for a great savings!

We’ve tried many products for the dryer, and have been left disappointed by a couple of brands. Ultimately we landed on using wool balls like these along with a sheet of these dryer sheets by Mrs. Meyers and we’re really happy with the results.


When we made our move in January, we knew we would be replacing our mattress. We had read articles about the danger of flame-retardants and the off gassing that occurs with new mattresses that have been sprayed. We were concerned about exposure while I’m already immune-compromised in my fight with Lyme disease.

So we did some research, looking for the best options that would be less toxic and stay within our budget. Our top choice was out of our price range, so we bought this one and have been SO happy with it. I had no reaction (which says something for this sensitive bod) and it’s the comfiest mattress we’ve ever owned. You just need a base like the one below and you’re set.


 There you have it, a few of our shifts toward a non-toxic home. We’ve worked our way through these changes as we’ve been able to afford them, which means this definitely wasn’t an overnight switch for us.

I will say that when you’re sick, you want your body in as healthy an environment as you’re able to create! So many of these we’ve chosen out of that place – of wanting to protect my (and our) health.

What are some of your favorite non-toxic (or less toxic) products that you’ve found? I’m always looking for new ones to try! 

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  1. Meredith Haider says:

    My new favorite site for all-natural products is Be Green Bath and Body (begreenbathandbody.com). They are a small company that makes everything in small batches. I especially love their Day Cream (for face), their Herbal Miracle Balm (I use on my hair like a pomade), and their body lotion. The lotion is a bit oily, but once it soaks in, it feels fabulous! Every person who comes in my home raves about their foaming hand soap. I purchase the lemongrass scent, and it smells great!

    • Kami says:

      Thanks for sharing, Merideth! I hadn’t heard of Be Green yet, but my peak at their site looked great! They offer a lot of options which is so helpful. The hand soap sounds perfect!

  2. Mindy Cox says:

    I just ordered the hair spray you suggested. Great information and products. I have been using Young Living’s detergent and dish soap. Slowly getting toxins out of our house.
    Thank you!

    • Kami says:

      Hi Mindy! Thanks for taking the time to read and also share that you decided to purchase the hairspray! Yay! I wasn’t aware that Young Living had their own line of detergent and dish soap. So great! It’s been a slow process over here getting the toxins out, too. Each step feels so good though! 🙂

  3. Rachel Fusch says:

    Remember the lotion and face cream I was telling you that I love? It’s acure organics. Now I have to try the shampoo and conditioner! Great post!!

  4. Cindy says:

    Great article, some products listed are cleaner than others. Really need to investigate thoroughly. I make a line of Sarah’s Essence that began out of my healing practice and my personal sensitivities. I fully disclose all ingredients, no secrets here at http://www.SarahsEssence.com. Thanks for letting me share

  5. Michelle says:

    I just received my first order of Acure products today! I’m excited to try them, especially now that you’ve got them on your list.
    Have you heard of Norwex? About six months ago, I switched over to seventh gen and method cleaners. But then I discovered Norwex. There are no chemicals AT ALL. It is a cleaning cloth that you use only water, and I know it sounds impossible, but it is amazing! You should definitely look into it if you aren’t yet familiar with it!

    • Kami says:

      Yay!! I really love the hair products of theirs I’ve tried. I have heard of Norwex! I haven’t tried, but a friend of mine was telling me about them. I need to educate myself more on them though! Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Brittany W says:

    I stopped wearing makeup when I was pregnant because it has so much unnecessary stuff in it! I haven’t gotten back in the habit yet, but when I do I definitely plan to check out some more natural brands. Do you have any recs for a tinted moisturizer? I usually wore a tinted moisturizer with SPF because the sun is soooo bad down here!

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