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Isaiah 43:19
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

I have fallen in love with this verse. it was shared with me a few weeks ago in the context of our church community’s season of transition and I’ve been dwelling on its words ever since. and through the many times I’ve reread this verse, the rest of the chapter, and prayed into what purpose these words may have for me in this season, I’ve embraced a hope for newness within me. I see that beyond what God wanted to instill in me in regards to our church home, he also had an affirmation and a hope to plant in this soul he’s been cultivating.

so over the last few days I’ve spent some time reading through my blog posts from the past year to reflect on the challenges, growing pains, and soul-searching that Abba has walked me through (a prime opportunity for more of this “cultivating of the soul” I mentioned…) and friends, it’s been a full year for this girl and re-visiting some of those moments in my heart stirred up a cloud of mixed emotions and hot, salty tears both of joy and of pain.

and then I come back to these words…

For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

I love this. something new. the thing I don’t always love, though, is that “something new” can often mean that the old must go. and it seems that this change often starts happening before the new has begun in its entirety. and change is hard. it can be awkward, gut-wrenching, character refining – let’s face it: though we know it’s necessary, it’s just plain uncomfortable. yet, without change, newness lurks in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to make its way into our lives.

Trev and I have recently been walking through our own season of change (in multiple areas of our lives) and it’s definitely not an easy journey. it’s quite tough, in fact. many are the prayers we have offered up in faith that we would be sensitive to God’s leading and his specific calling for us this year. countless conversations and shared frustrations when the answer wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Yet, when you know God’s called you into something and you begin to see him cultivating and affirming that newness as you step out in faith, you learn there is rest in that place.

in addition to these buds of spiritual springtime {ahem, or newness} in our hearts, I must share that I can be easily swept away with the hope that this new thing could also mean healing from MS (and believe me, if that’s what he has in store – consider me on that boat yesterday, honey). Trev and I would be beyond thrilled with that answer and we fully believe God is able to heal me completely. but, since I haven’t heard or seen that answer {yet}, I will choose to trust in his perfect plan. he seems to be at work in other areas in Trev’s and my life and though we are frustrated and tired of this long season of sickness and waiting…we’ve been refreshed by the new things he’s already begun in and for us. we proclaim he is good and faithful.

 my prayer for you is that in your own life you would be able to pause and reflect on the seasons you’ve encountered and see how God has prepared and refined you, too through those transitions. and if you feel like sharing some of your story in the comments or swapping stories via email, I’ll always welcome either! : )

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happy almost-weekend to you!!

<3 Kami

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