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If you're thinking of ways to work from home while chronically ill, Ivy's story of starting her own business is a great place to start! She shares how she started a business that worked for HER.

Behind the Maker: An interview with Ivy Cirillo

Every time the week comes for this series, I feel so much anticipation. I have so much excitement to share the talent and creations of these amazing humans AND I always love how inspiring their stories are.

It takes guts and grace to make it through each day with chronic illness. And I know that it takes a whole different level of drive, determination, and heart to work from home. And these ladies WORK IT. They have repeatedly left me amazed at what they create!

Today’s guest is Ivy Cirillo from the Perfectly Ambitious blog. She is such a talented designer and I can’t wait to introduce her and her creations with you!

A little intro from Ivy:

I hate talking about myself, but here it goes! I’m a 20 something, military spouse, spoonie, blogger, artist, graphic designer, and (soon to be) author! I’m a complete Taurus and I spoil those that I love. More specifically, my husband and our three fur babies 🙂

Biggest dream: Honestly, my dreams have changed a lot and I suspect that they’ll change again in the future. However, at this point in time, my biggest dream is to become a successful published author. Overall though, I just want to find my own success and embrace it!

Current binge-worthy TV show: This is a hard one! Being home-bound, I’m currently caught up with over 20 shows 😂 Right now though, my husband and I are watching Beauty and the Beast during every meal, so I’m gonna go with that one!

Favorite food/meal?
I’m really picky, so I stick to the kids menu when it comes to food. Chicken tenders, french fries, and honey mustard would have to be my favorite though!

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Can you tell me a bit about yourself, where you grew up, your fam?

I was born and raised in Florida, with my brother, my mom, and my step-dad. We lived in a small beach town that no one’s ever heard of, unless you lived there, and everyone knew everyone else. Growing up, my cousins were always less than 30 minutes away and eventually we were walking distance. For a very long time, I was the only girl out of the four of us, but that just means I can hold my ground & throw a perfect spiral 🙂

When were you first diagnosed with your chronic illness? What effects has your illness had on your life?

Unfortunately, I’ve had a long battle trying to determine my diagnosis. My first big one was in 2011/2012, but I didn’t receive a bulk of my illnesses until 2016. I believe I’ve got a total of 18 diagnoses now and each one has had a major effect on my life. Over the years, everything has grown harder on my body and it’s effected both my personal and professional life. At the moment, I’ve had to give up school and work, but I’m hoping to get back to them someday!

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How did you decide on your business name?

As you can image, with all the time I spend at home, I learn and master skills quite frequently. In doing so, I move on quickly while still enjoying all of my previous and ongoing projects. Of course, my friends and family took notice and deemed me “too ambitious.” So, I came up with Perfectly Ambitious as a way to describe myself and all of the amazing people like me!

How did you choose the products you would sell + create?

Originally, I ran a shop with handmade items (jewelry, decor, etc.) and I soon realized that the upkeep of having a physical product took a toll on my body. After my right heart catheterization, I decided I needed to make a change! So, I turned to my other passions and started selling digital products and services. Now, I focus on graphic design, social media marketing, and virtual assisting!

Blog Organizing Printable created by Ivy Cirillo
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How do you manage running a shop while fighting illness? Do you have others who help you?

When I was selling physical products, I wasn’t managing my shop at all. I constantly needed help and I leaned on my husband a lot, mostly when it came to packing and shipping packages. Now though, I’ve got everything under control and I rarely need help! And when I do, it’s usually just asking which image my husband likes more 🙂

What advice or encouragement would you give to someone who is thinking about opening their first shop?

I’d say go for it! If that’s what you want to do, then don’t let anyone talk you out of it! If you do though, remember not to compare yourself to others. You and your shop will grow in it’s own time and eventually you will flourish! So don’t let someone else’s stats get you down. Just work hard and push forward, I promise it will pay off!

Anything else you want to add or share about you or your shop(s)?

Yes! Even though, I’ve taken a break from my physical shop, I still love creating. So, I’d be more than happy to create something for you or a loved one! Not only that, but I’d love to help you in anyway that I can. So feel free to reach out to me about anything and everything!

Behind the Maker: An interview with shop owner, Ivy Cirillo. Hear how she opened her own business, tips for success, and check out her beautiful designs!

Ivy is a wife, a creator, and a photographer, but her biggest label? Spoonie. On her blog, Ivy writes about all of the things that she loves, and the things that she does, and how being a spoonie affects those things! She shares her projects, her feelings, and the inspirational women in her life. She believes that she is perfectly ambitious, and she’d love to feature those of you who are as well! Ivy is also a military wife currently living in Alabama. She runs her blog and her shop from home and also works on her novels in her spare time.

You can find Ivy on her blog, Perfectly Ambitious and check out her designs in her shop and hire her for a variety of services on Fiverr.

You can also connect with her on the following social media sites:  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram 

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