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In a world where the ill often are overlooked or feel invisible, it's so important that we learn to honor our true self. Kat & I are chatting on the podcast about what that looks like for us as we transition from illness to wellness. Click to listen in!

Honoring our True Self & Transitioning from Illness to Wellness

In these last few months of seeing my health begin to improve, I’ve found myself in unfamiliar territory. Much like there’s no road map for how to navigate the life of chronic illness, there’s most definitely not one for how to transition from illness to wellness.

So I’m often testing boundaries as I try and figure out how far this healing body can really take me. And while not every attempt has gone well, I am grateful for the courage it takes to both reach outside of my comfort zone and learn to rest.

But I’m also struggling with all kinds of emotions. Over how good it feels to enjoy more of life outside the home. And the tensions I can feel between embracing newfound healing and hurting for those I love deeply, still waiting for their own healing strides.

I’ve wrestled with the questions of “what next”. What to do with this blog, my creative passion, and my desire to help others on their healing journey. And now that wellness is entering the picture more and more, the more I wonder what the best next thing is.

For now, I’m giving myself plenty of room to process, explore, dream and create. While also making sure I emphasize healing every step of the way. Today’s podcast episode is of me doing that with one of the sweetest souls, Kat Woods.

Kat and I connected on Instagram in the last couple of years and have been healing from the same health challenge (#lyme). This was the first time we’ve spoken with each other off the screen and squares of Insta and we both agreed it was JUST the conversation we both needed.

Kat is a trained chef, an indie-cartoonist, and an all-around vibrant being. She began the blog, Hope Heal Cook, and has been inspiring and encouraging others with her beautiful nourishing meals. The way she has labored in love for her body’s nutrition is absolutely amazing. Just check out her feed and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve learned more about produce from her than anywhere else! Particularly how many fruits and veggies I didn’t know existed. 😉

Pull up a chair (or headphones) as we chat all about our individual journeys through healing. We’re unpacking how we’re learning to transition into a new “normal” and how Kat supports her body through diet.

Listen below or tune in to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, & Google Play!


Show Notes:

Be sure to check out Kat’s book “The AIP Instant Pot Cookbook“!

Find Kat on her blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow along and connect through the Hope Heal Collective Instagram feed!


How to support and honor your true self? Leave a note in the comments! I love hearing & learning from you!


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Kat Woods on the Wellness Crossing: Honoring our True Self and the unknown territory of transitioning from illness to wellness. Click to listen!

What does it look like to honor our true self while healing? Join Kat Woods and I on the podcast as we chat all about transitioning into wellness, how we are embracing our full selves and more! Click to tune in :)There's not a road map for figuring out how to transition back into wellness when you've been healing from a chronic illness. Today on The Wellness Crossing Podcast Kat Woods and I are chatting about our recent journeys of entering back into a new "norm" and what it looks like to honor our true selves in the process. Click to listen to the episode!

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When Life Seems to Be Passing you By

When You Feel Like You’re Standing Still

Cars and pedestrians steadily streamed past me as I sat on the corner of our street, exhausted after walking the short distance from our home. My husband had gone back for “the wheels”, aka the wheelchair, and I waited as the world around me whizzed by. Yet again, I found myself at a standstill.

In many ways my body and I have come to terms with how we deal with this Lyme invader. We’ve agreed to fight hard, and I’ve found that often looks like resting. Rest has always been difficult for me.

I sometimes feel this uncomfortable force behind me…have you felt it, too? This steady nudge telling us that constantly moving forward and up is the only way to success, healing, purpose, dreams, and self growth. There is truth within that, but I think sometimes the path is more complicated.

Going backward isn’t an option. Digressing into bad habits and downward spirals of regret and self-critique only harm. We have come beyond that, and continue to work through it, not only to better ourselves, but hopefully to better the world around us.

But there are times when we are seemingly at a  s t a n d  s t i l l  in life. Where direction is lacking or completely void, sickness is demanding, or the job can’t change. We are in a season of waiting, of the answer repeatedly being “not yet.”

I have felt the buzz of the world around me whizzing by as others work hard, hustle and serve in ways that I simply cannot. I admire their drive, growth, courage, and ability and I catch myself far too often comparing my sick body to those of the well. My reality to someone else’s.

A lot of the “normal” has been stripped from my life these past few years. I’ve clumsily navigated conversations, my limitations, emergency room visits and my role as a wife in illness. And in the messiness of this new life, I’ve been challenged to fight harder than I’ve ever fought before. For wellness, for connection, my marriage, community and my quality of life.

Experiencing Growth in Every Season

In these years of standstill, where most of my time is spent at home on the couch or in bed, I can look back and see new purpose, perspective, character and dreams that God began to develop…things I didn’t recognize in the moment, but can see more clearly now.

Passion and compassion for the unwell and disabled.

A heart for those who have experienced great loss.

A strong desire to educated on chronic illness and Lyme disease, as well as bridge the gap between the sick and the well.

A renewed dream of being a writer (lesson one was, “Start Writing”).

I’ve seen that growth can happen in the phases of life where we feel we are standing still. In that dead-end job you can’t seem to get out of. In the seasons of grief. When life’s circumstances require you put off that dream one more year. The lack of direction for what’s next. Battling illness.

We face day after day, regardless of how strong the struggle is. Our hearts may feel heavy, but we find a way to show up. We may dread the work day ahead, but we are there and giving it our best. Life may feel like a mucky mess, but we find a laugh, a smile, a friend to hold on to.

It may take looking back from next year’s view to take in the beauty that is flourishing within you and I. But it’s preparing us. Molding us. Enhancing our gifts and talents with greater heart and character. Making us more loving, more wise and more ready for what’s ahead.

Let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s rest in that place of accepting that growth and beauty are being cultivated within, even as the world is seemingly passing us by.

We can shine brightly where we are, as we are. Even if it’s at a standstill.



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