the first year

a year ago I married my favorite person in the world.
and in preparation for that moment
my sweet friend, Christina, captured this in our engagement photo shoot. love!


it truly feels like it was ages ago we were taking this engagement shot…what seemed like a whirlwind of events began after this. we celebrated Christmas in nor-cal with my fam, moved me down to his parents’ place in southern California, kicked into full-gear planning the wedding, went through our pre-marital class, started new jobs, searched for a place to live (and found a place only two weeks before the wedding – reminder to self: breathe. you’re not reliving it right now)…and then before we knew it, we were heading north for the big day.

oh, wedding day. you were so lovely.
what I sense in this picture is what I remember breathing in on that sweet day of marrying my Trevs…
joy, laughter, sunlight, glassy water, fresh air and love. lots of it.
I was in the land of bliss. sweet bliss.

IMG_8001 - Version 2

 it felt so good to be enjoying my day and letting go of the ball of stress I had become in the months leading up to it…I felt so free. so happy. so content. and in the year that has passed since that moment I have thought of the beauty of that day often. of the depth it held, the future it promised, and how this act of the two of us becoming one parallels with Christ’s redemption story. so beautiful and humbling.

as I look back on all that’s happened since that day, I’ve come to this conclusion:
our first year has been a journey. a beautiful, challenging, inspiring, day-to-day walk with my favorite person who I can both enjoy immensely and be driven crazy by all in the same day (I’m sure everyone understands this). together we’ve traveled through both joyful and difficult seasons. seasons where we were stretched to trust God and rest in his promises. seasons of more questions than answers. seasons of beautifully being uplifted by the prayer and support of family and friends.
seasons of great joy in experiencing the providence of our Father.
and, through each season, we press on, grow closer, and love more deeply together.

but not without a fight of the purest kind. a fight to be each other’s advocate and not their accuser. a fight to be humble and willing to be called out when we’re wrong. a fight for romance. closeness. friendship. time together. a fight to stand united as a team. and when we fight for these things, God’s grace enables us to succeed. when I fail and put myself first? I must try, try again. and again. because Trevin’s worth it. our marriage is worth it. and in doing so, I recognize that I’m not only honoring him and our marriage, but I’m honoring my heavenly Father as well.

so there, in a not-so-small nutshell, you have my thoughts on our first year.
thanks for stopping in for a read. : )


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  1. batelohim83 says:

    “our marriage is worth it. and in doing so, I recognize that I’m not only honoring him and our marriage, but I’m honoring my heavenly Father as well.”

    Amen and Praise God! Well spoken, Friend!

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