The Long Haul

When you are faced with a decision, here is a way to frame it that will help you make better decisions. Think about the long haul.

One of the best methods I know to make great decisions, is to think about the decision in terms of the following:

First, think about the longest term impact of the decision that you can visualize. If it is a career decision, think through as many impacts as possible. If it is a relationship decision, think about as far down the road as you dare. The long haul. 

Make the best decision you can with the most and best information you have and with the longest timeframe (preferrably longer than a lifetime) in mind.

Now the final step. If you are a person of faith, pray about it. Seek the guidance of heaven because that view is even longer than any view that you can come up with. If you were to make EVERY decision using that framework, the long haul, your batting average with your decisions would go way up, I am thinking.


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