A new definition of Family

Our family includes a really wide variety of members, including backgrounds and cultures. Our definition of family helps everyone feel included.

Are you ready for a new definition of FAMILY: A family is a place where everyone, does everything, to make everybody’s dreams come true. Forever. Awesome, right?

There are several things that I love about defining our family this way. First and most important is the last word. Forever. This acknowledges the truth that the bond between us is unconditional and unbreakable. 

It also means that all of us are focused on each other rather than ourselves. By focusing our efforts on lifting each other, we all feel supported and strengthened. 

Finally, it centers us on helping each others dreams come true. It appreciates the dreams of an artist, or an athlete, or a farmer, what ever a person feels called to do in life. 

The idea for each member of our family is to listen to what God wants them to do. To find their purpose and have fun living that purpose out. To savor every waking minute in growing, laughing, enjoying the process of becoming who they were intended to be. 

What can you do to help people you consider your family, your tribe, your people, to become everything that they are intended to be?




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