Reducing Comparisons

There is probably nothing more damaging to a soul than comparisons with others. When we find our purpose we can joyfully celebrate others finding theirs.

A friend of mine recently posted something on Facebook that was very profound to me. He had a graphic, similar to the one I posted above. The pencil was looking at the crayons and bemoaning the fact that it was not colorful enough, as they viewed the crayons to be. The crayons were looking at the pencils and feeling dejected because they were not as sharp as the pencils.

As long as both of them were looking at the others and feeling down about their own sorry state, neither could accomplish what they were truly intended by God to do and be. The pencils have unique talents and abilities only to them. They can, with practice create art that only they can do. Some of the most intricate and beautiful drawings have been created with a pencil and paper. Crayons have the exact same ability, but it is expressed differently. 

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