There’s nothing I’d like more than for this to be a safe place for you to just breathe, friend.

For you to join me as we wrestle honestly with fear, pain, unrealistic expectations, doubt and faith. 

I’m here to proclaim the valuable truth that grace is one the greatest tools we can employ for growth. For healing. For restoration.

After struggling to find my own way through the hardest years of my life, I’ve felt the weight of what seem like impossible circumstances. Fighting disease. Depleted finances from medical bills. A great loss of normalcy and a very different way of life during my newlywed years. Losing our unborn child.

You see, like you – I’ve known pain. I’ve known the lasting sting of heartache. It’s so much easier to dream when your health is stellar. When everything feels peachy.

We don’t think have to think as hard about that next big risk when we have very little to lose.

But when life hits hard?

When our old dreams literally can’t be reached due to circumstances outside of our control? When we are overcome by pain or loneliness or fear?

We feel helpless, defeated, immovable. 

The most real thing we feel is the struggle. The “waiting”. That gut-wrenching feeling inside that we are less than. That where we are in life doesn’t measure up.

I’m here to speak truth against the lies that hold us back. I know because they have held me back, too. 

I’m here to tell you that even in the desert, beauty can bloom. 

In my most dark and challenging years of my life I’ve struggled and reached and fought for grace.

Grace toward myself and the dear ones around me.

Grace from a God who sees through the hot mess I feel I am and still calls me beautiful. Valuable. Full of purpose.

Grace from loved ones who stand beside me in the midst of life’s uncertainty and pain.

I’ve gripped a tangible hope that my story does not end here,

that I have worth and meaning.


I hope you’ll join me here. I hope you’ll breathe in the grace you need and be reminded that the desert and the struggle are not the end of your story. 

I hope you’ll accept this truth that you are enough.

Let’s walk together, friend. One step at a time, one day at a time, honest heart to honest heart.

Together, moment by moment we’ll pursue living grace.